Website services provided to our website job seekers are totally free of charge, No fees or commissions are required from employers or jobseekers when building their resume, applying, or even being hired

Job posting fees required from Employers whether companies or establishments or businessmen start with /45,000/ SYP and end with /38,000/ SYP and less upon count

Annual subscriptions Job Posting are also available fees start with /1,250,000/ SYP; No commissions are required on hiring

Classified ads /20000/ SYP for /30/ days posting (120 Characters Arabic letters only)

Course posting No fees currently; free of charge

Private lessons posting by individuals are free of charge


1. The Above mentioned fees are valid for Syrian or international establishments officially registered in Syria 
2. International and Arab establishments who have no presence in Syria are subject to different fees; For further information do not hesitate to contact office@job.sy 

Knowing that: 
For our customers, Job Posting in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi and Arab Golf countries is free of charge for the time being

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