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Companies registration benefits and instructions

What do I get when I register at the website
By registering at the website you will get the following advantages:
·         Access to thousands of resumes belong to jobseekers want to promote their qualifications in front companies.
·          An easy way to post vacancy ads, in all over Syria and all over the world.
·          Unlimited space to enclose your vacancy info.
·          The ability to post vacancies in English and in Arabic.
·          Direct contact with applicants all over the world
·          Any easy way to view applicants' resumes
·         Technical assistance to support and inform of our new services
·         Confidentiality of all included information is guaranteed
·         Many interesting offers all over the year
How to register and to login to my account
All you have to do is:
·         Fill in all mandatory fields, and the optional ones if desired; then press "REGISTER" bottom
·         After the registration is successful, you will receive an E-mail message that includes your user name, password and needed instructions to post a vacancy.
·         You can log in to your account using the user name and password then you can enjoy our interesting services.
For a better use of our services it is preferred that:
·          Registration to be done by the business owner, his HR responsible or the empowered person
·          to follow our recommendations
·          Included data to be correct and accurate
Taking into consideration that:
·         The password you receives belongs to you, and no one has the right to have it
·         Correct Registration information will facilitate the future communication, and will help us inform you of our new services
·         Our service fees are limited with the fees of promoting your vacancies we don’t receive any commission concerning employment
To register kindly click
No difference between Arabic or English registration.

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