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Job Title
Social Assistant

To work for
Syriatel Mobile Telecom S.A.



Job Type
Full time

Military service
Not Specified

Minimum Education Level
Bachelor/ License Degree

1. Prepare initial employees’ yearly visits plan.
2. Conduct and prepare employees’ visits' report, provide feedback and recommendations to Social Assistance Head of Section and follow up the recommended actions and pending issues with the concerned parties.
3. Contact new recruits and their upper one during probation period, follow up their concerns and provide them with the needed support and guidance.
4. Conduct visits to Syriatel employees during long sick leave and when requested by Management.
5. Provide support and counseling to help employees cope more effectively with stress on business and personal level.
6. Help employees adjust to changes and challenges such as illness, resident change, work change, relationships and low performance.
7. Conduct one-to-one meetings with the targeted employees to collect required details, identify their condition and needs, propose ways of meeting these needs and provide recommendations to Social Assistance Head of Section.
8. Conduct one-to-one meetings with the targeted employees who are involved in violation/misconduct incidents and provide them with needed coaching.
9. Monitor and evaluate concerned employees progress and modify pre-set plans to ensure achieving the required objective.
10. Conduct visits to the selected candidates to check suitability with Syriatel Culture and Values and provide Social Assistance Head of Section with feedback and recommendations.
11. Prepare and send Success Story’s email (for employees who completed their education) on timely manner.
12. Participate in proposing social programs and/or events when needed.
13. Update Social Assistance Section database and maintain complete section’s records on timely manner.
14. Maintain professional relationship with employees and ensure confidentiality of information.
15. Check Section & Individual objectives on regular basis and effectively participate in achieving them to ensure successful contribution to company's goals and corporate objectives.
16. Participate in conducting the OJT for new team members and promote a culture of knowledge transfer, cooperation and team work.
17. Contribute to the continuous improvement of Syriatel Quality Management System.

1. Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology / Sociology / Psychological Counseling.
2. Experience: 1 Year of social assistance or psychological counseling experience is a plus.
3. Professional Certification: N/A

Specific Vacancy Requirements
1. English Level:
1.1 Conversation: Fair
1.2 Writing: Good
1.3 Comprehension: Good
2. Microsoft Office:
2.1 Word: Good
2.2 Excel: Fair
3. Others: N/A

Salary and Benefits

About us
Syriatel has been leading the Syrian mobile telecommunication market since 2000. The company has successfully established its reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

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Sep 19, 2018

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Oct 19, 2018


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