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Job Title
Receptionist - Female

To work for
Dama Rose Hotel



Field of Work
Customer services - Tourism/Hotels/Reservations

Job Type
Full time

Minimum Education Level

1. Readiness and personal readiness section (full attention)
2. Helping the shift leader to study and follow up daily bookings.
3. Follow-up the departure of resident guests and informs the head of department of the changes.
4. Prepare permanent and expected guest cards (pre-booking).
5. Pay attention to the guests (pre-booked or without) and apply Welcome Constitution terms upon reception.
6. apply Welcome Constitution terms upon reception (number of rings + reservations or queries)
7. The company membership program is offered to new guests and hoteliers.
8. Pay attention to the guestbook (notebook and police cards).
9. offer full service to guests
10. Positive participation in receipt and delivery between shifts.
11. Inform the head of department of all negative and positive during the work in the section.
12. Record the arrival and departure guests of the rooms according to the procedures of registration on the police record and vouchers of arrivals and verify the accuracy of the data and send it daily to the competent authorities in accordance with the procedures followed by the responsibility of everyone in the sections of the front office.

Knowledge in Microsoft Office (Word & Excel - PowerPoint)
V. good English

Salary and Benefits

About us
five star Hotel

Required employees number

Posted On
May 27, 2018

Expiry Date
Jun 26, 2018


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