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ٍSales & Marketing clerk - Female

To work for
Dama Rose Hotel



Field of Work
Marketing - Tourism/Hotels/Reservations - Sales/Distribution

Job Type
Full time

Minimum Education Level

- Check out the reservations of the hotel's subsidiaries on arrival in the morning
- Follow-up bookings of companies affiliated by contacting them and asking about their needs
- Set up a weekly and monthly schedule of corporate and communication visits to the head of department
- Set a daily schedule of visits and contacts
- Contact with companies and take dates to visit them according to the weekly schedule and monthly organized in advance
- Visit companies to follow up and conclude contracts in accordance with established principles.
- Contacts with remote companies or in governorates according to the geographical schedule theme by the Sales and Marketing Department.
- Make a daily report on your visits or contacts before the end of work and hand it over to the head of department
- Attend a morning meeting with the sales manager to present the daily plan of action
- Attend a morning meeting with the Director of Sales and Marketing to assess the overall situation of the market and put the hotel as figures and statistics
- Formulation of annual price contracts for companies dealing with the hotel and hand distribution during visits to assist in providing information
- Search for new or potential companies in the region
- Invite individual business owners or managers to lunch or dinner and provide symbolic gifts during events.
- Integrate and correct all corporate information on the Sales & Catering program.
- Reading daily newspapers and reading about Arab and international events.
- Know the high season (work pressure days) and normal working days.
- Adher the rules of the welcome Constitution and to improve the staff of the Section on application.
- Inform the department of all the pros and cons of the work in the department.

1 years experience in sales.
Knowledge in Microsoft Office (Word & Excel - PowerPoint)
V. Good English

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About us
five star Hotel

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May 27, 2018

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Jun 26, 2018


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