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Fire Protection Engineer - Male

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EEL for Engineering Services



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Full time

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Finished or Exempted

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Bachelor/ License Degree

Fire Protection Engineer will be expected to play a lead role in the review of engineering design packages of active fire protection systems for Company projects, ranging from plants to commercial spaces and can require representation from design basis through development to execution, commissioning, and acceptance testing.
1. Advise construction, operation and maintenance personnels on fire prevention equipment and techniques, and on fire code and standard interpretation and compliance.
2. Advise others on health and safety issues.
3. Inspect plant and plant designs to determine fire protection system requirements and potential problems in areas such as water supplies, exit locations, and construction materials.
4. Inspect facilities or sites to determine if they meet specifications or standards.
5. Design fire detection equipment, alarm systems, and fire extinguishing devices and systems.
6. Prepare and write reports detailing specific fire prevention and protection issues, such as work performed, revised codes or standards, and proposed review schedules.
7. Determine causes of fires and ways in which they could have been prevented.
8. Determine causes of operational problems or failures.
9. Direct the purchase, modification, installation, maintenance, and operation of fire protection systems.
10. Direct installation activities.
11. Direct equipment maintenance or repair activities.
12. Coordinate safety or regulatory compliance activities.
13. Develop plans for the prevention of destruction by fire, wind, and water.
14. Prepare detailed work plans.
15. Consult with authorities to discuss safety regulations and to recommend changes as necessary.
16. Study the relationships between ignition sources and materials to determine how fires start.
17. Develop training materials and conduct training sessions on fire protection.
18. Teach safety standards or environmental compliance methods.
19. Conduct research on fire retardants and the fire safety of materials and devices.
20. Update technical knowledge.
21. Evaluate firefighting team performance and the laws and regulations affecting fire prevention or fire safety.

• Excellent command of technical engineering, with an ability to analyze complicated challenges, and develop safe and cost-effective solutions.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)
• Highly developed verbal and written English language skills.
• Demonstrated ability to perform detailed financial and technical analysis.
• Ability to think strategically while satisfying day-to-day operational issues.

Specific Vacancy Requirements
1. A depth of experience in fire protection engineering, ideally with specialization in one or more of the following areas: fixed fire systems (e.g., water and/or foam monitors and spray systems); sprinkler systems; fire alarm and detection systems; fire pumps; or firewater distribution networks.
2. Experience as the fire protection engineer on firefighting system projects, specifically experience related to the development, execution, commissioning and acceptance testing phases.
3. A sound working knowledge of fire and industry safety engineering, standards and codes.
4. Sound knowledge of engineering practices and economic principles, calculation methods and design details under North American standards.
5. Demonstrable, deep expertise relating reviews of technical design packages to fire systems and equipment, with associated problem-solving skills for the inevitable onsite modifications.
6. Extensive technical knowledge and expertise in fixed and semi-fixed fire protection and fire alarm systems.

Salary and Benefits
- Competitive Package
- Social Security Registration
- Internal and External Travel Allowance
- Medical Insurance
- Internal and External Training
- Career Development
- Annual Bonus
- Leave (As per labor law)
- Bereavement Leave

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May 23, 2018

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Jun 22, 2018


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